Tennis Bracelet

Perhaps you’ve wondered why this beautiful piece of diamond jewelry is called a “tennis bracelet”.  Well the answer is really quite simple.  Back in the 1980’s, world female tennis champion Chris Everett was also well known because of the diamond line bracelets she wore during her tournaments.  Then, during the 1987 US Open, in the middle of a match, the clasp of her diamond bracelet snapped and her diamonds went flying across the court.  Needless to say, the match was stopped while the precious stones were collected.  Ever since then, this classic bracelet style has been known as a “Tennis Bracelet”.

Everett wasn’t, however, the first sportswoman to wear this kind of diamond jewelry.  Way back in the 1920’s, both men and women could often be found wearing what were known as “eternity bracelets” which were very similar to the tennis bracelet we know today. 

Today, the tennis bracelet is less common as a sports accessory because of its value.  Instead, it has become a very popular fashion accessory for a formal engagement.  Traditionally thin, with a smooth, elegant design and without charms or favors attached, the tennis bracelet has a unique luster and sparkle that subtly compliments your dress and appearance.

The perfect gift

The tennis bracelet is the perfect way to show somebody how much you love and appreciate them.  Wedding anniversaries, Mother’s Day, birthdays, graduation, Prom Night, a tennis bracelet is a beautifully elegant gift that will always be in fashion and appreciated for many years to come.

Although the tennis bracelet is traditionally thin and restrained, there are no hard and fast design rules and you’ll be able to find many variations both in style, design and type of diamonds and other precious stones.

Because, in the traditional bracelet, the diamonds used are relatively small, only the finest stones are used to get the greatest sparkle and brilliance.  This can result in high prices.  But you can reduce the cost by as much as 40% by using clarity enhanced diamonds.  These are high grade diamonds that been treated using the very latest technologies to invisibly cover up the minor imperfections that exist in 99% of all diamonds.  It doesn’t affect the color, the clarity or the brilliance – but stones can be cost up to 40% less than the equivalent untreated stone of the same carat value.

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