Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

So you’ve taken that great step and proposed to the woman you love.Now, together you need to choose an engagement ring that you both like, one which will best symbolize your love, your characters and, just as important, meet your budget.

Jordan River Diamonds in the leading designer, manufacture and on-line retail seller of hand-made, top quality engagement rings.Though we produce many different styles and designs, two stand out above the rest, the Solitaire diamond engagement ring and the Classic diamond engagement ring.

Simplicity, Elegance And Enduring Beauty

As its name suggests, the solitaire diamond engagement ring consists of one single cut diamond set in setting designed to take a second seat so that the diamonds natural brilliance and beauty are enhanced to the maximum.Because the center of attraction is the diamond, the rest of the ring band is also made of a plain, unadorned precious metal ring.In fact, the solitaire engagement ring embodies classic values of simplicity and elegance that will endure for many years and be an eternal symbol of your love.

The Solitaires Setting

The single diamond is held in a “basket”. The classic basket has between four to six prongs and is designed to hold the diamond securely in place for many, many years.The basket design can also have an effect on how the diamond is displayed and even on its brilliance.Basket designs vary with a more open designs becoming increasingly popular as improve the diamond’s overall appearance and also allow for easier cleaning.Keeping the basket clean and free from accumulated dirt and grease is essential if your diamond is to look its best.

Ring Shape And Style

The shape and thickness of the ring band is also usually thin and delicate.To thick a band will appear out of place with a single solitaire diamond and spoil the elegant and sophisticated lines of the ring.

There three basic ring band shapes to choose from – other styles do exist but they are more contemporary and don’t suit everybody’s taste.

The knife Band

(shank), broad at the back where the most strength is needed and tapering to almost a point where the shank joins the basket.

The Flat Shank

has the same thickness all around giving it a somewhat contemporary feel.This design is ideal if the engagement is to be worn with a wedding band.

The Tapered Shank

is usually as wide as the space between two prongs and tapers to a thin band at the bottom of the ring.The bottom thickness still needs to be substantial in order to provide the strength and support needed for the ring structure.

Diamond Cut And Carat

There are no hard and fast rules about the diamond cut that you choose for your solitaire engagement ring.The cut is a matter of preference and you’ll find more information about diamond cuts Click Here

Carat weight is another matter.Obviously you want the best quality diamond possible with the best color and clarity grades.The problem is that diamonds aren’t cheap, and the higher grade diamonds can reach really high prices!One possible solution id to consider buying a clarity enhanced diamonds.CE diamonds have the same characteristics, the same brilliance as regular diamonds but can be bought for as much as 40% less than a non-CE diamond.For more information about CE diamonds, please go Click Here

If you have any questions about solitaire diamond engagement rings, any of our quality diamond jewelry or our services and guarantees – please contact one of service representatives.They’re waiting to assist you in any way they can!