Safe On-line Shopping

Just as we are dedicated at Jordan River Diamonds to providing you with the very best diamond jewelry at the very best prices, we are also determined to provide you with the security and peace of mind that will let you choose the jewelry you want in total confidence.

We Are In Control From Start To Finish

At JRD, everything is kept in-house. From the rough diamond purchases and up to final sale, we can guarantee the quality of the diamonds and raw materials we use.

Our skilled designers and crafters make sure that each piece of jewelry we manufacturer is worthy to carry JRD’s label of quality.

Peace Of Mind - Total Security And Reliability

  • Each diamond is accompanied by its own, unique gemological certificate. This is a unique ID that identifies each diamond by its unique characteristics.
  • Laser inscribed ID number – some of our diamonds are laser inscribed with the gemological certificates serial number (can’t be seen by the naked eye and doesn’t affect the diamonds value).
  • All transactions on the Jordan River Diamond site are secured by the very latest technologies including the highest levels of SLL encryption.
  • We provide a 30 day money back guarantee on all your purchases – no questions asked! Simply return the product in its original packaging and all its documentation for a 100% refund!
  • All of our products carry a lifetime warranty. If a problem arises, a stone comes loose, just send us the piece and we’ll repair and return it absolutely free of charge.
  • Shipping and insurance are free to almost every country in the world. We ship using FedEx Express so that your jewelry is protected and insured from the moment it leaves our workshop until the moment it arrives at your doorstep.
  • We are a US based company, committed to total transparency and ensuring that you get the jewelry of your dreams, at the best possible price and with the highest levels of service and confidence.