Looking after your diamond jewelry

You’ve invested a lot of money in buying one or more of Jordan River Diamonds fabulous pieces of diamond jewelry. 

But, you want to wear your new jewelry for many years to come, and to do that, you need to take care of it.

Now it’s true that diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to man – but they can be build up layers of dirt and grease that over time dulls their shine and brilliance.

Because we here at JRD want you to enjoy your diamond jewelry for many years, we’ve put together a few basic guidelines that will help you care for and enjoy your diamond jewelry for a long, long time!

The Three C’s Of Diamond Care - Clean, Care And Compartmentalize

Keep Your Diamonds Clean

Buildups of grease, oil or dirt will dull your diamonds and make them appear to loose their luster and sparkle, Follow these basic tips and your diamond will continue to gleam forever.

  1. Our skin excretes oils – so handle your diamond as little as possible because layers of oil will drastically effect its brilliance.
  2. Regularly clean your diamond.  One suggested method is to soak it overnight in a mild ammonia solution.  The next day, gently clean it with a soft brush and then dab it dry with a fine cloth, the sort you use to clean a pair of glasses.   Take especial care of the reverse side because this is where there is the greatest buildup of dirt and grime.
  3. Be aware that delicate settings and some antique jewelry can be easily damaged if cleaned with a brush, however soft, so please be extra careful and only use a soft, microfiber cloth.
  4. DO NOT ANY CORROSIVE SOLUTIONS or abrasive powders, metal cleaners, silver polish and the like.  These materials are potentially very harmful to your jewelry’s setting and could possible erode or even dissolve some of the more common metals used in a setting.  This could cause diamonds to become lose and possibly fall. 
  5. Some people believe that ultrasonic cleaning process are ideal for removing accumulated layers of dirt from a diamond.  Using this system, ultra-sonic waves are transmitted through a detergent solution and the vibrating fluid gently removes the dirt.  However, the vibrations can also cause already fragile setting to deteriorate even more and loose stones could be shaken from their mounting.  For this reason, this process should only be performed by a professional jeweler.
cleaning an engagement ring

Take Care Of Your Diamonds

Most of your diamond jewelry you’ll only wear occasionally.  Some, like a diamond engagement ring, you’ll want to wear all the time.  Believe us, whilst we appreciate and understand your feelings, this isn’t a good idea.

  • Don’t wear it if you’re doing some household chores or other strenuous activities or hard, rough work.  Remember, while you can’t scratch a diamond it can chip if knocked.
  • People have lost diamond rings while doing the dishes.  The water’s soapy, the ring slips off, you don’t notice and – no ring and let’s hope that the plumber can get it back. 
    Don’t count on rubber gloves either, we have heard of people who wore their diamond ring and when they removed their gloves, the ring came with it.  No big problem unless you turn your gloves inside out to dry them and the ring falls without you noticing..
  • We mentioned this above, but because it’s a fairly common mishap, we’ll say it again.  Don’t use bleach, chlorine or any other harsh substances if you’re cleaning and wearing a diamond ring - it will damage the setting!
  • We thoroughly recommend taking your precious and expensive jewelry for a yearly checkup at a jewelers. They will check the setting and the diamond mounts to make sure that everything is ship shape.

Compartmentalize - Or Where Do I Put My Jewelry When I’m Not Wearing It?

Because a diamond can be scratched by another diamond, keep your diamond jewelry pieces separate.  Either wrap them in microfiber cloth or store them in a fabric lined, compartmentalized jewelry case.

If your jewelry came in a box – use that to store it because it will be the right size and provide the best protection.

Necklaces, pendants should always be stored separately so that they don’t get entangled.

If you do temporarily take off a piece of jewelry– put it in a safe place where it won’t get knocked to the floor or damaged. 

Keep your jewelry well out of the reach of toddlers.  The very shine and brilliance that makes your diamond jewelry so special will attract them.  They don’t realize how valuable it is so…

If you have any questions about how to care for your Jordan River Diamond jewelry, our service representatives are waiting to assist you.