Treasure and Protect Your Jordan River Diamond Jewelry

You have a beautiful new piece of diamond jewelry that you love and want to wear. But how do you protect your investment? What happens if it gets stolen or lost?

Jordan River Diamond provides you with two layers of security

along with your insurance policy will help give you peace of mind knowing that you have done all that you can do to protect your investment.

International Gemological Laboratory Certificate this is an international accepted Lab Report, an ID that lists all of the characteristics of each individual diamond. As no two diamonds are alike, this certificate contains a great deal of information unique to each separate diamond, including its characteristics and value.

Anti-theft protection – as a regular customer, when you purchase a diamond you lack the expertise and the equipment to verify that the gemological certificate matches the diamond.

The Certificate Number Is Inscribed On Your Diamond

All Jordan River Diamonds are protected by a laser inscription, a unique solution to ensure your piece of mind.

The diamond's original certificate report number is inscribed on the girdle of the diamond so that you can be sure that the certificate you receive matches the diamond.

And, don’t worry, the laser inscribed number is invisible to the naked eye

Put together, the original gemological certificate and the laser inscribed ID number on the diamond's girdle, provide you with the security you need to wear and enjoy your new jewelry.